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Sabato 03 Ottobre 2015 08:37
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A multicenter research project focused on CCM disease has been selected and founded by the prestigious Fondazione Telethon

Map of research groups funded by Telethon in 2015Last July, the prestigious Italian Telethon Foundation has communicated the outcomes of the 2015 Telethon call for research projects on genetic diseases, which resulted in the selection and funding of 33 research projects among 273 presented by researchers from all over Italy.

Among the 33 selected projects and grant winners there is a multicenter research project focused on Cerebral Cavernous Malformation (CCM) disease, which is coordinated by Prof. Francesco Retta at the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences of the University of Torino, and aims at further characterizing CCM disease mechanisms and exploring novel therapeutic strategies through multidisciplinary and integrated research approaches.

This multicenter research project involves three group leaders of the CCM Italia research network, including the coordinator Prof. Francesco Retta at the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences of the University of Torino, and two partners, Prof. Lorenza Trabalzini at the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Siena, and Prof. Paolo Pinton at the Department of Morphology, Surgery and Experimental Medicine of the University of Ferrara.

However, the three research units involved in the project will take also advantage of collaboration and resources from other CCM Italia Units, as well as from international research collaborators and CCM focused organizations.

In addition, building on the success of the first Italian CCM Scientific Meeting held in Torino on April 23rd 2015, an annual Italian CCM Scientific Meeting will be also organized to allow a wide sharing of information and ideas, and facilitate synergies and novel interactions amongst investigators with distinct but complementary knowledge and expertise.

Taken together, the multicenter research project funded by Telethon and the cooperation among multidisciplinary research groups of the CCM Italia network will hopefully lead soon to a better understanding of CCM pathogenesis and novel therapeutic options to prevent or reverse adverse clinical outcomes in CCM patients.


The Fondazione Telethon

Telethon researchersSince its foundation in 1990, Telethon has been investing in world-class research to find a cure for rare genetic diseases. A limited number of projects (either single- or multicentre) in basic or clinical research are funded each year. The evaluation of projects is entrusted to the Medical-Scientific Committee, consisting of 32 scientists from different countries in the world, which make use also of external reviewers to ensure greater efficacy in the evaluation process. This year the reviewers involved were 305 from 24 different nations, whereas the funds allocated by the 2015 Telethon call were 9.9 million Euro, and will support the work of 58 research groups engaged in the 33 selected projects. In particular, the multicenter research project focused on CCM disease will be supported for three years with a grant of 419.000 Euro.

Overall, Telethon has invested in research over 420 million Euro, has funded 2,532 projects with 1,547 researchers and involved 450 studied diseases. Thanks to Telethon support, novel therapies for rare diseases, once considered incurable, have been already developed (ADA-SCID, metachromatic leukodystrophy and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome).


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