Highlights of the 2015 Italian CCM Scientific Meeting
Giovedì 10 Settembre 2015 10:24
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2015 CCM meeting flyerOn April 23rd, CCM Italia organized the 2015 Italian Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Scientific Meeting. The distinguished venue was the Aula Magna of the Torino University School of Medicine located in the Lingotto Conference Center, Torino, Italy. The initiative was promoted and supported by the Associazione Italiana Angiomi Cavernosi (AIAC) and the University of Torino School of Medicine, as well as by the most relevant Italian Scientific Societies in clinical and basic research fields related to Cerebrovascular Diseases.

The scientific organizers: Francesco Retta, Lorenza Trabalzini, Marco FontanellaThe scientific organizers, Professor Francesco Retta (University of Torino), Lorenza Trabalzini (University of Siena) and Marco Fontanella (University of Brescia), have been honored to host nearly 100 attendees, including 40 speakers and moderators that presented and discussed the state of the art and future perspectives in the field of CCM disease.

The Aula Magna of the Torino University, School of Medicine, at the Lingotto Conference Center, Torino, ItalyThe meeting was organized with the dual aim of providing an opportunity of knowledge upgrading for physician and MD/PhD post-graduate trainees in medical disciplines, and an occasion for Italian clinical and basic researchers to share and discuss the latest clinical data and research findings and to develop new hypotheses and collaborations. Indeed, the multidisciplinary nature of the meeting offered a unique opportunity to the various participating scientists interested in understanding the multifaceted aspect of CCM disease, including neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, general pathologists, geneticists and molecular biologists, to look at multiple and complementary questions from different angles in order to better understand the full spectrum of the disease and provide new scientific insights through innovative and integrated research approaches.

Vice-President of OMCeO-TOThe scientific course/meeting was opened by the greetings of local authorities, including the Vice-President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Torino (OMCeO-TO) and the Dean of the University of Torino School of Medicine, and the speech of Massimo Chiesa, President of the Associazione Italiana Angiomi Cavernosi (AIAC), which recounted his more than 35 years of experience and feelings as a CCM disease affected patient, and shared his wishes to spread awareness of the disease and help scientists and patients in tackling the disease.

Among the most interesting features of the 2015 Italian CCM Scientific Meeting there were complementary and comprehensive presentations describing the recent advances in diagnosis and clinical management of CCM disease, including significant advances in neurological, neuroradiological and genetic diagnosis, and neurosurgery procedures, as well as recent progress into the understanding of pathogenic mechanisms and the identification of risk factors of prognostic value associated with disease onset, progression and severity. In particular, given the large inter-individual variability in susceptibility to develop the most severe clinical features of CCM disease, including ICH, the latter is a major current research challenge to allow the prediction of disease outcome and provide better options for disease prevention and treatment, thus ultimately matching patients with individualized treatment.

The full meeting agenda, complete with talk titles and presenter information, can be found at the following links:


Guido RegisMassimo ChiesaLorenzo CuffiniFrancesco RettaPaolo CerratoPaolo CerratoGiovanna VaulaGiovanna VaulaPaolo BennaAlfonso CeraseAlessandra SplendianiPiero PicozziMarco FontanellaMauro BerguiGianni Boris Bradac e Andrea VeltriGianni Boris Bradac e Andrea VeltriCarlo ArduinoAlfredo Brusco e Giuseppe PoliAlfredo BruscoSalvatore GalloneGiuseppe PoliDomenico D'AvellaPiero PicozziIrene ToldoIrene ToldoGianluigi Zona e Franco BenechPaola Peretta, Consuelo Valentini, Marco PavanelloFrancesco Retta, Lorenza Trabalzini, Alfonso Cerase, Eliana Trapani, Massimo Chiesa, Marco FontanellaFrancesco Retta, Lorenza Trabalzini, Alfonso Cerase, Eliana Trapani, Massimo Chiesa, Marco Fontanella

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