Seventh International Cavernoma Alliance UK Forum
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Cavernoma Alliiance UK

Cavernoma Alliiance UK held its Seventh International Forum at the Grange Holborn Hotel on the 16 June 2013 with a record attendance of 147 participants, many affected by cavernomas of the brain and spine.

CA UK had organised a star-studded line-up of speakers.
Professor Rustam Al-Shahi Salman spoke about the importance of establishing a cavernoma clinical trial.
Professor Dr Helmut Bertalanffy gave an exceptional talk entitled "Management of Cavernous Malformations of the Brain and Spinal Cord: Well-established and New Concepts".

After coffee, the CA UK Forum broke into six discussion groups, this year dealing with the psychological impact of a cavernoma, living with a cavernoma, living with someone with a cavernoma, cavernoma and surgery, incidental and asymptomatic cavernoma and spinal cavernoma.  The latter discussion group was well attended in a year dubbed as the year of the spinal cavernoma.  With Professor Bertalanffy's talk including his experience of spinal cavernoma and a workshop on the subject, members with spinal cavernoma were well-informed.

In the afternoon a talk by Dr Gordon Plant, a neurologist with a specialism in neuro-ophthamology, Dr Plant gave a fascinating insight into some of the symptoms such as (double vision), that is a predominant feature of various cavernoma.

After a brief break CA UK was lucky enough to have Sacha Bonsor, author of Dipped into Oblivion, her documented journey of a brainstem cavernoma removal by Dr Robert Spetzler in Arizona join us in a discussion led by Emily Fletcher, a member and now a trustee of the Alliance.

An Annual General Meeting followed which duly elected Professor David C S White CBE as chair of the trustee board.

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